53pcs Ratchet Wrench Tool Case Precision Sleeve Universal Joint Hardware Kit Automobile Motorcycle repair Hand Tool Sets

53pcs Ratchet Wrench Tool Case Precision Sleeve Universal Joint Hardware Kit Automobile Motorcycle repair Hand Tool Sets
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This tool is most suitable for a variety of brands of hard disk model , only a handful of models not supported
Adaptation: 3.5 inches and 2.5 inches common hard disk
Main purpose : to do with the use of data recovery . For motor stuck, motor coil shorted, head lower quality literacy , reading and writing head chip signal amplifier circuit fault that the need to replace the head , and other parts of the disc used in the operation .
Advantages :
1 , operation and maintenance of the hard drive, solid, relatively stable balance on the opening drive , reduce operational errors , improve data recovery success rate.
2, 3.5 -inch and 2.5-inch disk is able to take the "single disc " be taken ease of replacement and assembly. A further advantage is a " multi-block disk " to shift swap operation , to ensure that the entire column platter absolute concentricity. This is also the "Data Recovery" the only effective tool industry .
3 , a dedicated high-power " magnet Kai puller ," so you hard " magnet frame" for easy and safe operation
1/set hard disk repair tools, including 28/PCS Hard drive head replacement tool Hard disk repair tools (Suitable for 55 kinds of hard drive head replacement Applicable to 2.5 inches 3.5 inches of SAS SCSI) 2.5 inches 3.5 inches Hard disk Open repair tools (Cooperate to do data recovery. Stuck for motor, motor coil short circuit, lower quality of magnetic head, speaking, reading and writing, head chip circuit anomalies of fault signal amplifier, speaking, reading and writing need to replace the head, disc, etc accessories used in the operation.)
Product Description:
Failure or other reasons uninstall head assembly in the diagnosis of hard head, can effectively guarantee the absolute safety of the head assembly in the process of moving operations. The company re-launched the world\'s first "feature unique" opening data recovery hard head assembly to uninstall assistant - 28 suit heads tool.
To provide customers with the most comprehensive and detailed service, for the head assembly uninstall difficult ", our company has set up a dedicated research and development team, focusing on the hard drive data recovery, server data recovery technology and equipment research and development based on a comprehensive the structure and characteristics of the study of desktop and notebook hard disk, the extensive collection of data recovery head assembly line workers uninstall difficulty, and in-depth analysis of the head removal tool best material and shape, eventually, the world\'s first "function unique data recovery "of the opening head uninstall assistant stunning listed.
This "heads Tools utility is very strong, compared with the previously listed head tool is more practical to support a wider range, more intimate. Fully take into account the type of computer, hard disk type, disc number of the number of heads, heads, berthing area (outside landing within the landing) and other factors, a unique fixing holes, pins, sockets and other personalized design not only completely fixed head also will help guide the head safely and easily in and out of the disk area or parked frame, so that the "head" maximize the safe operation and seismic capacity is also simultaneously strengthened. "Head tool with data recovery in good synchronization as well as the physical head separated" consistency "
This tool is suitable for a variety of hard drive brand most models, only a handful of models does not support
Adapt to the 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch common hard
Main purpose: with the data recovery. For motor stuck, the motor coil short circuit, heads to read and write quality decline, abnormal head chip signal amplifier to read and write circuit failure in need of replacement heads, platters and other accessories used in operating.
In relatively stable opening machine on the operation and maintenance of the hard disk, a solid, balanced, reduce operational errors, improve data recovery success rate.
2,3.5-inch and 2.5-inch take disk can easily take change and assembly "single disc. The further advantage of the disc is "multi-block disc" shift exchange operation, it is possible to ensure that the entire column absolute concentricity. This is "data recovery" industry is the only effective tool.
3, a dedicated high-power magnets Kai puller, easy and secure operation of the hard disk on the magnet holder.
Explain in detail the step-by-step video teaching materials: 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch hard disk Open Disk extract disc swap, head removal and installation difficult skills. Is the data recovery industries essential tool.
Opened the second-generation machine on the basis of a lot of improvements. Original full set of 2.5-inch sleeve with only a 3.5-inch sleeve with only one, and this has led to a hard disk as a consideration in the disc replacement need to be scrapped. The sleeve work process complexity, high cost, production cycle long, resulting in efficient source to cut corners, not to scrap a hard disk as a cost for customers to consider only give each with a sleeve, opened the third generation machines all equipped with 2 sets of 2.5-inch sleeve and two 3.5-inch the sleeve.
Each sleeve of the disc clean increase dual protection, work desk sets opened the second-generation machines based on improved a lot, using any regulation height of 4 feet. Costs increase in the retail price down to even the bottom of the wholesale price of the efficiency of the second generation of the source opening machine
Methods of operation: see the operation and efficiency of the video source opened the second-generation machines are identical, just made a lot of improvements, while watching video mastery. Should not be too rigid.
Received opening machine sleeve outside with a layer of protective film can tear up the course with wine King + cotton to the tool sterilization and processing clean is necessary, in the opening at the same time requires a very clean space or room, the space can be do it themselves, as long as the dust to be very few platters of the disk at the same time when the operation can not be in contact with any of the things.
Beginning to need a skilled process, you can find several scrapped hard to do the actual operation.