Lusya PCM1794A Module HiFi DAC Decoder Module 192k 24bit IIS PCM1794 DAC Board F3 012

Lusya PCM1794A Module HiFi DAC Decoder Module 192k 24bit IIS PCM1794 DAC Board F3 012
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Asahi Kasei Microelectronics (AKM) today introduced the AK4495SEQ which is a super version of the AK4495EQ, which provides a higher-accuracy, high-performance 32-bit stereo DAC with 123dB dynamic range, and stereo and 126dB as mono output ( With optional 7V analog power supply). It is the latest member (TM) series of Audio 4 Pro. Using a symmetric layout for the left and right channel innovative design techniques can prevent signal quality degradation, and a 32-bit digital arithmetic module provides a complete 32-bit processing.
The AK4495S integrates newly developed circuitry to implement a rich sound field and bass representation that achieves a music playback experience with less distortion. For sound quality considerations, the VDD, VREFH, VSS, and VREFL pins are assigned to each L and R channel. In addition to these, each of these L and R channels has two tags to avoid the influence of common impedance and achieve low impedance performance as much as possible. .
The VRDS-NEO VMK-3.5-20S turntable uses the AK4495 as the core DAC
USB version of the built-in USB daughter card: XMOS X-CORE digital signal processing unit used in the field of professional audio, with its powerful processing capabilities, is the industry\'s most advanced digital audio solutions. USB Audio Class 2.0 asynchronous transfer playback is realized, and professional audio software interfaces such as ASIO and KS with very low latency are supported, and Windows and Mac operating systems are supported.
Among them XMOS subcard can support USB interface to 192K 24BIT audio format
1 Exclusively sampled the highest-end AK4118 as a coaxial signal receiver and owns a very low jitter in the industry, optimized through CPU soft control. Cost and performance are higher than WM8805 DIR0001 CS8416 and other programs
2 The use of elegant art aluminum process panel chassis, with LCD display, the shape is very good within the level of 1,000 yuan, and now some of the 800-level DAC is still a lot of low-cost process with aluminum panel + iron box
3 The I/V and LPF sections sampled the expensive LME49720NA49860, which is superior to many ADDACs such as the AD827 disassembled from the NE5532. The sound is more natural and moist
================================================== ===
The AK4495 is a very good DAC chip from AK. Currently, the timbre is transparent, the sound field is wide, and the dynamics are very good.
Different from the general AK4495 solution, the current TAOBAO 800-2000 yuan level PCM1794 machine adopts the digital receiving IC of the road, such as the DIR9001 WM8805 CS8416. The performance is relatively low, and it is difficult to give full play to the performance advantages of the PCM1794 DAC. The following is a comparison of the performance of each chip
AK4118 has a very low jitter in the industry, excellent compatibility
There are four options for the product
Package 1: Silver White Coaxial Fiber Decoding
Package 2: Black coaxial fiber decoding
Package 3: Silver White Coaxial Fiber Decoding + USB Decoding
Package 4: Black coaxial fiber decoding + USB decoding
In addition, a relatively high cost of the soft control method, the AK4118 input signal optimization, with LCD display, so that the performance and appearance are doing better, I/V part also uses the optimized circuit
The materials and power supply are also very adequate. The digital part uses an expensive low-noise regulator and the sound reproduction is more realistic. Philips\' silver film is used for the LPF and I/V conversion parts, Philips is the main capacitor, and Nikon HG signature is the gold capacitor. Far better than the current 800 yuan level DAC material better.
The main sense of hearing, delicate and natural, the low-frequency potential is very good, the dynamic is very good, the details and harmonics have excellent performance
Product Core Solution: AK4118+AK4399SEQ
LPF Op Amps: Upgraded to Gold Seal LME49720HA
Voltage Regulation: ON LM317, 337 plus Super Regulator IC LM3941S
Rectifier: 5A VIS Super Speed
Main filter capacitor: ELNA, Japan Nikon signature version, Germany WIMA ERO and other high-end capacitors
Resistance: National standard military regulations copper feet 718 resistance
220V power switch, turn left and turn right turn on
All aluminum alloy shell, luxurious atmosphere, on the grade.
The AK4495 32BIT two-channel DAC replaces the previous AK4399.
What are the highlights of the AK4495, from the current release of the technical documents, AK4495 first high-voltage power supply with the highest 7.5V power supply, in order to break through the traditional 5V power supply DAC output dynamic limits, so that it has become the latest generation of AK4399\'s flagship,
The power supply design around the AK4495SEQ is quite rigorous. Each channel uses independent power supply decoupling, allowing the AK4495 to operate in the purest power supply environment, and the indicator can be fully utilized.
Core decoding is AK4495SEQ (not an ordinary version of AK4495EQ, is the AK4495 super version series, with S mark, better than the analysis and details of the S without listening S
Powerful filter capacitor array, VIS high-speed arrayed diodes, bring low power internal resistance and high speed to the circuit, which is not available in many factories.
Two Low Noise Regulator ICs, LM2941S, are supplied to AK4118 and AK4495, respectively. The ripple
coefficient is much better than the ASM1117 series.
This is a well-designed LPF circuit, because the AK4495 has built-in I/V conversion, so there is no need to add an op-amp switching circuit like the PCM1794 AD1955. The distortion is even lower, and the tone is much more natural. The op amp can use dual op amps such as the LME49860 and OPA2604. The sound field is wide and exquisite and dynamic, as if it is immersive.
The material is also in place. The 718 copper foot resistance of military regulations and the WIMA RIFA Nikon signature version of the capacitor lamp are trying to achieve the ultimate results.

The LCD can monitor the status of the current input channel and the current frequency, which is very intuitive.

Professional audio special oxygen-free copper R-type transformer, zero noise, high efficiency, better than the general toroidal transformer